Saturday, October 8, 2016

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 10/1-10/7 2016


   It that time again for another Frugal Friday Wrap Up.  The following is brought to you by Western Family Cold and Flu Meds. ;)  Yes, I got the dreaded flu this week and am so thankful for a well stocked medicine cabinet and having lots of boxes of tissues on hand.  Onto my savings for the week...

~Saturday we took Jaysn and Rachel out to an early dinner.  We went to one of our favorite places that serves wonderful homemade pasta, soups and salads at fast food prices.  So good and much healthier.  We had a wonderful time and it was nice to just spend time with them and be able to talk about all kinds of things and help them plan for some major changes in their lives. :)  We had budgeted for this time out.
~Jeff and I curled up Saturday night and watched one of the movies we bought at the Dollar Tree.  It was pretty good.  I sipped on some Peppermint tea since my stomach was acting up.  It always does that when I am in a crash and recovery mode.
~I stocked up on some loss leader items at Safeway.  We were able to combine some deals and restock our soy sauce supply for the next year or so.  We use a lot of it in some of our favorite dishes.
~Swagbucks has been good to me this month allowing me to rack up quite a bit of points.  I cashed in for a $25 Walmart gift card while it was on sale for 2,200 points at the first of the month.  I also cashed in for a $10 Walmart gift card once my September bonus points were posted. :)  That $35 in gifts cards will come in handy to buy things that we need. :)
~We got a frost Saturday night so Sunday I went out and harvested most of the tomatoes, beans and squash.  The tomatoes will ripen slowly in the house even though they are green now.
~We stopped at Goodwill on Monday.  It's Senior Discount day then and Jeff qualifies for it. ;)  I found a really cute poncho/wrap for $5.99, a new with tags basic white shirt for $1.99 (colored tag of the week), a book by one of my favorite authors for $1.99 and a cute sign about prayer that will be one of the White Elephant gifts for this Christmas.
~Jeff found a bonus pack of garbage bags at the Dollar Tree.
~Jeff needs some new bowling shoes.  He has had the same ones for over 30 years now and they have more than done their duty.  I looked at and we found some to replace them for way less than the bowling supply companies are charging.  I am now working my points programs like crazy to try and get enough in gift cards to pay for most of the cost if not all of it.
~The library got some new dvds in so I put in requests for some of them.
~The local college newspaper had a coupon in it for $10 off $50 at the local building supple company.  The coupon is good through December of this year.  Jeff shops there quit a bit and is needing something that he can use that coupon on to cut his cost down.  I cut it out of the paper and put it in his wallet.
~Monday I was able to harvest some blackberries and a little of the second crop of raspberries.  I have enough to make a batch of mixed berry muffins with now.  YUM!  I may just freeze the berries and then make the muffins before my parents and brother come for a visit later this month.  My brother is a vegetarian and loves these muffins.  I make them with soy flour instead of eggs so that he does not have to worry about that. :)
~Jeff filled the car up with gas when were in town on Monday...that town had the cheapest gas of any of the towns that we shop or he works out of.

~I made a huge stockpot full of Zuppa Toscana and used kale from our garden in it. :)  I served it the first night with some garlic bread.
~Tuesday was my day to work with the local MOPS group.  Since I was in town, I hit a thrift store that had .24 clearance racks on Tuesday.  This is a Christian Thrift store that benefits people in the community.  I found lots of shirts for the little boys and a few other items on that rack.  I also picked up 2 seasons of a old TV series I used to enjoy, a movie, some earrings and a nice soft leather wallet.
~I found some marked down BBQ chicken at the deli and brought that home for dinner Tuesday.
~I cooked up 2 large pork roasts in the crockpot and shredded them and then added BBQ sauce.  I package up and froze most of it for future meals.
~The Beauty Box that Walmart sent me had a bath soak for sore and achy muscles.  I tried it out and to be honest, it did not help.
~The library had 2 movies in for me so I went and picked them up on Wednesday. :)
~I was so thankful that I had lots of leftovers in the refrigerator on Wednesday.  My fibromyalgia, along with my chronic fatigue syndrome, flared up big time and it hurt to even move.  I did the bare minimum around the house and was so thankful that I could just pull things out of the refrigerator and reheat them.
~Jeff and I both enjoyed using our hot tub to soak away some aches and pains.  After our long soak, we curled up and watched some TV shows online.
~By Thursday I realized I had the flu (on top of everything else) and did the bare minimum around here.  I was in bed by 4:00 p.m. and woke up around 10:30 p.m., grabbed some leftover soup and then headed back to bed until 9:30 a.m. on Friday.
~Jeff cleaned out and inventoried our freezers.  We have 2 turkeys and 2 hams in there along with lots of other meats.  I think I will cook one of the turkeys when my parents and brother are here.  That should feed us all plus give us leftovers and I can make soup with it also.
~Friday Jeff froze most of the leftover soup for future meals and what he didn't freeze, he had for a late lunch.  I snacked on cheese and crackers and had some guacamole and chips.  Tea was my beverage of choice for the day.  I did watch some YouTube Videos and watched coverage of the hurricane via The Weather Channel online. I usually do my points programs each day but could not concentrate enough to do them.
~We have been watching the show "Northern Exposure".  I had found seasons 1 and 2 on DVD at a thrift store or yard sale awhile back.  We love it and I am now on the lookout for the other seasons at a great price.
~We needed more of our supplements.  We get them at Vitacost.  I went through the link at Mypoints so I will get 4 points per dollar there.  Swagbucks has not been crediting my orders when I go through them so back to Mypoints I go.  I found some buy1 get 1 half off sales on some of the items and I also had a $30 off $100 coupon.  I also got free shipping.  I stocked us up on things that we needed and added another product that I wanted to try to see if it helps my husband and I with our pain levels.  We shall see!
~Friday night's dinner was more soup...this time tomato in a mug for me.  Jeff ate something earlier before he had to head off to work.
~Pinecone Research sent me my checks for $13.  I will cash these next week at our local bank and that will be my spending money for the next few weeks.  I don't need much but it is nice to have it if I want to pick up something on a whim. :)

   Sorry there are not a lot of pictures this week.  This flu has knocked me out and I have not taken many at all.  I hope you all can avoid this thing, it's miserable!


  1. In spite of being ill, you certainly managed to do a lot of thrifty things, Debbie. Hope you're feeling better.


    1. Thanks Jane. I'm still fighting this thing and get worn out doing much of anything at the moment. This too shall pass though. ;)

  2. Considering you were under the weather you had many savings. Hope you are feeling better and better each day!

    1. Thanks Wendi. Luckily I had a lot done before this thing invaded and took over my body. ;)

  3. Sorry to hear you've been ill, Debbie. Hope you are feeling better and will recover completely, soon. Take care and rest.

    1. Thank you Bless. :) I'm in bed and my wonderful hubby is taking good care of me. :)

  4. I hope that you're over the flu and your CFS crash. Funny again - I have a hard time concentrating when I'm in a crash mode. Reading a book is out of the question. Computer time may also be unattainable. That leaves tv or movies.
    As for groceries, my goto these days are Amy's organic frozen meals. Basically a tv dinner. I usually cook up some type of frozen veggie for the side dish. It's probably not the best nutrition but some days it's all I can manage.
    Went to a new doctor this week and think I have found a winner. At least for now. She said she'll only be in this practice for a year or so. I'll take a year. That Wednesday and then spent the next three days mostly at home. I ran to the bank one day to pay a bill and get some rolled coin for the laundry room. In the past few months, my washer went on the fritz - hence the need for some coins. Fortunately my complex's laundry room is just steps from my front door. Another day, I ran to the grocery store for enough to get me through the weekend. Wishing you all the best. SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. Hi SJ,
      I must be doing better because I was able to watch some TV today and am actually on the computer. ;) I am in bed though. :)
      I'm sorry to hear that your washer went out on you. That's not good. I am so glad you found a good doctor and I do hope that she is able to really help you. Let me know what she says!

      Be blessed!


  5. Oh my on the flu. Please take it easy and feel better soon.

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I'm trying to do just that. :)

  6. I hope the flu leaves you alone very quickly. Sounds like your body might be telling you to slow down a little. Get better soon.

    1. Thanks body has been in slug mode with this flu. ;)

  7. Ooh the flu is soo nasty! I'm sorry to hear that you have it! I hope you are feeling better by now. Your thrifting was pretty amazing, even with you being sick, wow! I love the thrift stores, they really have some wonderful bargains. And making food up and freezing it really comes in handy for the times when you aren't able to cook. Such a blessing. Hugs to you today dear friend, and I hope that you are on the mend!

    1. Thank you. :) I think I may be on the upswing with this thing. Thrift stores are wonderful and shopping in regular stores just freaks me out at this point. LOL!


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