Saturday, August 6, 2016

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 7/30/16-8/5/16


   It's been an interesting week money wise.  We saved a ton of money by doing a family camping trip as a short vacation but those savings went out the window when we hit a deer.   With me getting sick after we got home, that kept me from going anywhere for a few days, so that saved on gas and wear and tear on my car.  Onto my savings for the week...

~We made about $60 at our yard sale and got rid of quite a bit of stuff.
~We donated a bunch of our VHS tapes to the local retirement and care center here in town.  They were very happy for the donation of some of the classic musicals, westerns and older movies for the residents there to watch. :)
~I did find a few things at the town wide yard sales to buy.  I am always in need of more kitchen scrapers and spatulas and found a package of them for .50, some jewelry and some more books.  Jaysn and Rachel gave us a weed sprayer and a beautiful wood silverware caddy and we gave them a few things too. :)
~The campsite we stayed at was just $12 per night per site.  We had 2 sites between all of us.  There was a nice creek that we were able to swim in and lots of areas to explore.  It was also the perfect place for the little guys to ride their bikes.
~We all brought food to share and ate very well!

~There was an old rock quarry where the guys went shooting.
~My dear cousin brought us out freshly brewed coffee on welcome and yummy!
~Monday night we watched the movie "Zootopia" that we borrowed from the library and had leftovers for dinner.
~I froze a bunch of the leftover shoyu chicken from our camping trip to have later.
~Tuesday I did a bunch of the laundry from camping.  The bedding and towels were all hung out on the line to dry.
~Jeff and I did our grocery shopping on Tuesday and also went out to lunch.  We had a B1G1F coupon for our favorite Chinese Buffet place.

~I found eggs for .89 a dozen and bought 4 dozen.  Jeff loves eggs and I will hard boil some for snacks for him.  I also see omelets in his future. ;)
~Jeff called around to some salvage yards to find replacement parts for the front of our car where we collided with a suicidal deer.  He is having the parts he was able to get shipped down with the company he works for so we will not have to pay the shipping fees.
~I bought a copy dvd of "Malificent" for under $5 from the Redbox kiosk.

~Our credit card from our Credit Union offers a rewards programs.  I recently discovered that I can take the cash back option instead of getting a gift card.  The cash back option is a much better value for the dollar so I had our points converted into cash and had that transferred into our savings account.
~Wednesday the cold that my youngest grandsons shared with me hit with a vengeance. Thank goodness I stocked up on the TheraFlu Severe Cough and Cold meds at the Dollar Tree.  I also had leftover Propel from the amazing deal where I got them for .50 a 12 pack that I had bought for our camping trip.  Both are coming in very handy.
~Since I was not feeling well, I pulled some homemade split pea soup that I had previously frozen out of the freezer and had some of that.  Comfort food for both the hubby and I.
~One of our grocery stores was having a big one day produce sale.  I had Jeff stop by on his way home from work Thursday morning (he drives right past the store) and pick up the things that I put on the list for him.  We stocked up on grapes, bags of onions (I'm going to dehydrate most of them), bananas and
~I watched more shows online.

~Thursday I still was not feeling well so I had Jeff go and pick up a chicken strip dinner from the tavern.  They put so much chicken in it that not only were we able to split the meal but we also had 2 huge chicken strips leftover for another meal.
~Our master bathroom exhaust fan was not working well at all.  My hubby removed it, cleaned it all out and then reinstalled it.  Amazing how much dirt and dust were on that thing jamming stuff up.
~Friday I picked 2 cucumbers from our garden and discovered that I have tiny little green beans forming too.  Now I just have to figure out a way to get rid of the tiny black flea beetles that are attacking the side garden so I don't lose all my plants there.
~Chris and Heather picked us up 2 huge bags of tortilla chips at Costco.
~Heather and her mom are heading to central Washington tomorrow to hit the produce stands there.  I placed my order with her for nectarines and plums. :)
~I ended up with the same rash that my hubby is being treated for.  Luckily the doctor gave him lots of the medicated cream so I am able to just use it too.

~I took advantage of the sun's heat to make some green sun tea.
~While going through my shed today looking for something to take care of the flea beetle problem I am having in my garden, I found a brand new dehydrator that I bought years ago for $7.50 at a yard sale.  I even found a box of new trays for it to add more dehydrating space. I had no idea I had it in there.  I'm going to put it to use today dehydrating apples from our tree.
~Picked a bunch of apples from our early season apple bearing tree and cut them up to dehydrate.
~Lunch Friday was free to me.  I cooked up some free rice and had it with an Indian Curry that my cousin had given me.  Yum!
~Jeff and I ran into town to donate a bunch of things that were leftover from our yard sale and also to pick up some things at the grocery store that were on sale.  The grocery store was out of the kitty litter we needed so they gave us a rain check and also substituted some other things for stuff that was out of stock when they learned we did not live in that town.  Oh we also found the big boxes of Vitabone dog treats marked down to .99 each.  I got 3 for Caesar.
~We found 2 marked down colossal sized pizzas in the Walmart deli for $4.99 each.  We cooked up one for dinner and froze the other.  There are plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
~While we were dropping things off at the thrift store Jeff and I decided to look around and see what we could find.  Jeff found another pair of pants (he just ripped one of his pairs of work pants last night) and another pair of shorts.  He also found a pedaling exercise machine for his mom for $1.99. I found another tank top, a necklace, several books, a Spiderman twin sized bed sheet (the oldest grandson is going to be thrilled!) and several more dvds.  Oh Jeff also bought a large Rubbermaid type tote and a can of blue enamel spray paint.  

~I made sure to give the cashier that was ringing us up at the thrift store my customer loyalty punch card so that I got credit for my shopping there today. :)
~Walmart had their huge beach towels on clearance for $5 each.  I bought some and am adding them to our gift closet for future gift giving.
~Friday night I had some Cold Care PM tea to help with my cold.
~I watched lots of videos on YouTube to learn new skills and get some fresh money saving ideas.

   Not a bad week all in all considering everything.  It would have been a great week though if not for that darned deer!


  1. I love to read all your clever finds. It was another good week for you. Since I had my rash, I am noticing how many other people are having rash problems. Another symptom of global warming and poisoned air or just summer fun? I wish I knew.

    1. Hi Barbara. I really am beginning to wonder about the rashes too. Neither my hubby or I have had this type of rash before but our doctors says it is really common at this time of year when we are all sweating up a storm.

  2. Hope you're feeling better. Sounds like you had a good frugal week ~ except for the deer part!

    1. Thanks Laurie. :) Yep, that darned deer. ;)

  3. Sorry about the deer! They're pretty thick around here too. It's always fun to read about others frugal accomplishments. Looks like you had some fun this week. I'll have to look into that cash-back credit card from the credit union. Rarely use a credit card but every penny counts. Thanks for the idea! Hope you have a wonderful week!


    1. Thanks Jane! I hope your credit union offers the same cash back deal that our's does. :)

  4. So funny - I have two buckets of apples waiting for me in the kitchen. My community garden has an apple orchard along the perimeter that members can harvest from. And...I have that same dehydrator, also bought at the thrift store.

    Also funny - when I used to work in WA state and traveled for work, I'd plan my work for when the pit fruit was ripe and then I'd head over the mountain, do my work and come home with fruit.

    Sorry to hear about the deer and your damaged car. Hope you're feeling better soon. Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. Hi SJ, :) Funny about the apples and dehydrator. :D
      The hubby should be able to fix the car himself thank goodness. I'm taking naps and trying not to overdo it here...this virus is a bad one.

  5. Sounds like you had a very frugal week, all things considered. Hope you recover from your cold, soon.

  6. Very nice week. Glad you were stocked up on meds and hope you feel better soon! The beach towels here were on clearance too, if I could have afforded it I would have bought one for each of my nieces for Christmas.

    1. Hi Jess. :) Thanks...I am resting as much as I can. This virus is knocking me out.

  7. Sounds like quite an eventful week, but sorry you had to get sick in there too!
    Did you get to keep the deer? Or did the county give it to someone needy? I sure hope so.
    It's amazing how much damage they can do.
    Take care.

    1. Cheryl, we did not keep the deer and it bounced off somewhere into the brush down a steep embankment.


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