Friday, June 10, 2016

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 6/10/16


   This has not been my most frugal week.  We spent Saturday and Monday at the hospital with a loved one and made several other trips into the two towns we shop in as well.  I tried to combine errands as best as I could, but we did have to fill up my car with gas a couple of times due to all the running around we did.  We also ate out twice. We did try to save in other ways though.

~The thrift stores have again been good to us.  My husband needed a hot and cold water splitter for a plumbing project and found one for .29 cents.  We also found the complete second season of Due South, brand new in wrapper, for $2.99.
~Other thrift store finds were a nice big glass jar with lid for .69, a t-shirt from my hometown, a silicone ice cube tray, a kid's nerf football for .69, a local history book for .69, a nice brand new leather purse (the same one I wanted to buy when it was in the big retail store) for 2.99 and a Wilson's leather wallet for .99.
~I pulled some things out of the freezer to use up this week.  I'm trying to shop the freezer first and make meals based on what I have in there for the most part.

~I keep granola bars in my purse.  They came in handy when my husband and I spent 8 hours at the hospital on Saturday and the cafeteria there was closed.
~We had free coffee at the hospital on Saturday and I had some again on Monday (we were there with a family member).
~We watched several movies we borrowed from the library.

~I line dried multiple loads of laundry out on the line this week.  I had to wash all the linens after we bug bombed/fogged the house.
~I tried to go cold turkey and not have coffee on Tuesday but still brewed a pot for Jeff.  By that afternoon my head hurt and I made myself a nice iced coffee drink...big fail on stopping coffee but HUGE savings on making a iced coffee drink at home. ;)
~I'm back to making sourdough bread again. :)

~I made a pot scrubber out of an old produce bag that some tangerines came in.
~I washed and sorted the huge stacks of cloth napkins and aprons that I have.  Some will be donated and some will be used as rags while others will remain in the rotation.
~The Salvation Army thrift store had some amazing deals the other day and I was able to walk out of there with 3 new pretty shirts, a soft sweater that looked brand new and 3 new canning jars with lids. That cost me about $13.00.  I stopped at another store and found a brand new copy of the DVD "Stand and Deliver".  It came to $1.99 after tax since it was the clearance color tag of the week.

~I found lots of marked down meats, bread and a pizza and a baked chicken in the Deli at Walmart.  I divided up the packages of breakfast sausages into smaller portions and froze them along with the 2 marked down Sweet Italian Sausage packages.
~The mail brought a feminine hygiene sample.
~It rained on Wednesday so I did not have to water any of the gardens.  I used some of the rainwater that fell into buckets I had set out to water some other potted plants.

~We needed some more supplements so I place an order at Vitacost going through the link at Swagbucks.  I will get 3 points per dollar spent and I used 2 codes for a 10% discount and for a free product plus I took advantage of the BOGO half off sale.
~The library got a movie in for me that I had put in a request for and I picked it up on Wednesday.  We will watch that one this coming weekend.
~My hubby BBQed up some sausages on the grill for dinner one night and we had leftovers for lunch the next day.

~I worked on my points programs.
~I harvested radishes, strawberries, lettuce and a lone raspberry from the garden this week.
~After the stressful weekend, I had a CFS flare.  Jeff and I used the hot tub to help ease some of the muscle aches I was feeling.
~I washed and hung out to dry a bunch of ziplock bags that I had stored bread and cheeses in.
~It is raining here today (Friday) so there is no need to water the gardens that are now getting a good soaking.

   I am hoping that this next week will be a more frugal one but that could all change quickly depending on our loved ones (yes, plural) health.  I would really like to spend most of the week at home and get caught up on things around here and do some more work in the gardens.  The weeds are taking over and I need to get them out and get a few more things seeded in.   We shall see what life brings us.


  1. It's difficult to stay on task when a loved one is in the hospital. My dad is in the hospital right now. Praying for your loved ones.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that your Dad is in the hospital. Praying that he will recover quickly and also prayers for you too. ((((HUGS))))

  2. That Turquoise shirt is absolutely beautiful! What a great find. I think overall you did very well for a week that wasn't what you'd normally have had.

    1. Thank you Terri. :) That shirt is one of my favorites also. :)

  3. I dearly love the blouses you posted. They are so pretty.

    I hope things go well with your loved ones. Prayers are being said.
    I know it is difficult to stay frugal with all that is going on. I have been spending a lot more on gas here as well, going back and forth. I do run errands before or after the rehab visits - so that helps.

    Hugs to you. Take care of yourself!!!!

    1. Thanks Cheryl. :) My hubby took me up to one of my favorite towns yesterday and we went out to lunch, visited an old friend, made a new friend and found some great bargains at the thrift stores. It was just what he and I both needed!

  4. Some weeks are just like this and I think you did great. Like the other commenters, your new tops are both so pretty!
    We have learned to take snacks with us too, just about anytime we will be gone for long. It just confuses me and is so expensive to shops at a convenience store or fast food place.
    Good job!

    1. Hi Rhonda and thank you! Jeff and I used a $5 Target gift card I had been given to pick up some fruit and drinks while we were visiting in another town yesterday.

  5. Sounds like you got some good bargains! I'd say you did well, all things considered.


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