Monday, February 9, 2015

Rain Drops on Windows and Warming Soup

    Rain, it seems to be the theme for this very early Spring we are having.  The ground is beyond saturated and feels like a squishy sponge.  There are flood watches for the rivers and streams all around us.  True, we need the moisture, but we need it in the form of snow pack in the mountains and sadly, that is all melting off.  I fear we are in big trouble here and that is is going to be a horrendous fire season.

   My poor driveway is a muddy mess.  The tree and most of my roses had to be taken out when we had to trench not once but twice when the main waterline to our home broke and had to be replaced.  We have been watching the dirt settle and if the weather ever cooperates and things dry out, we will rent a skid steer and fill in the sunken areas and terrace the hillside garden area next to the stairs.  Then, and only then, will we be ready for at least one huge truckload of gravel to fill in the driveway again.  The driveway is also being expanded so that our wonderful neighbors can back their boat into the garage much more easily.  Right now it is hard for them to do it because of the angle.

   With all the cold and wet weather, warming and hearty soups have been making a regular appearance on our menu.  One of my favorites, pictured above, was the result of trying to use some things up before they went bad.  The soup was made with Italian turkey sausage, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, chicken stock thickened with a rue, some red pepper flakes and some garlic salt.  I added some freshly torn spinach to the bottom of the bowl and then ladled the hot soup over the top of it.  It wilted the spinach but did not make it "slimy".  My hubby proclaimed it a huge hit but did prefer his without the spinach. ;)  For whatever reason, hot soup on a cold and wet day is just so comforting to me.  With the weather forecast being what it is, I think we will be having lots of soups in the foreseeable future. 

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