Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Swept By and Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

   Harvest in winding up here on the Palouse and there is a definite nip in the air.  We had our first killing frost here a few nights ago and my cucumbers, squash and tomatoes in the garden fell victim to it's icy touch.  Temperatures were in the mid 20F two mornings ago when I got up and got myself ready to go back to work after having the Summer off.
   Our Summer seemed to just wiz by this year.  We had major projects including a broken water line coming from the town's waterline and deep under our driveway that necessitated digging a very deep trench and replacing a long line of pipe on our side and also replacing some on the town's side.  Thank goodness for good and kind neighbors who not only gave us jugs of water and let us use their shower (since we had no water for 2 days), but who also helped us hand dig and then brought in a backhoe to make the job easier on us all.  We had to take out some tree stumps and my ivy and my driveway has now expanded into a parking lot of sorts. Again though, I am so thankful to live in my small farming community where neighbors help neighbors with projects big and small.

   We also took a family trip to Montana with our family when Josh and his girlfriend Marissa came home for a visit.  It was so good to have them here and to see 4 generations of our family together.  We all loved meeting and getting to know Marissa who is a very down to earth, funny, smart and beautiful person both inside and out.  One of the highlights of that trip for me was seeing my brother Fritz playing with my grandsons Bradley and Isaiah.  Isaiah and Fritz especially seemed to form a bond and I loved watching both their eyes light up when they played with each other.

   School started here again this week and I am off to a quick start with subbing.  I subbed in the 3rd grade both Thursday and Friday and was so glad that I was able to do some training on how to administer an epi pen after school one day since I am there so much and we have children with life threatening allergies.  I'm also booked for this coming Monday afternoon.  I met our new superintendent and our office staff told him that I was there 3/4ths time...I told him I would love to have benefits if that was possible. ;)

    With me back at work once more I am again going back to my time saving routines since I never know if I may be called to work early in the morning.  It makes it hard to plan out certain days to tackle projects here at home but I am so enjoying being back at work with the kids and staff. :)


  1. I went back to work two years ago, first volunteering and then got hired. I don't have the same amount of time I use to have however I am loving every minute of it. Wouldn't have it any other way. Hope you have a great year.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy your work. It makes all the difference in the world. We are blessed to do the jobs that we love!


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