Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nine Months Old!

Photo: Why play in the seat when you could play under it? Lol

Why play in your toy when you can make a cool fort under it and your ball can't run away! ;)  

Happy nine month birthday to our grandson Bradley!

Bradley continues to entertain us with all his new accomplishments within the last month.  He can now crawl and walk around things if he is holding onto something.  He has also mastered the art of holding onto the edge of the dining room table and hanging by his fingertips from it.  His mom and dad had to rearrange things in the house and put the entertainment center in another room because clearing it out of all the dvds and things just became too tempting for our little guy.  He has learned how to turn up the volume on the radio and likes it LOUD...poor Mommy has to keep turning it back down. ;)  Being the smart kiddo that he is, he has figured out that going to the doctor usually involves being stripped down to be measured (he does not like being cold) and/or getting a shot and voices his displeasure at this and tries to climb right over Mommy to escape.  Bradley is also learning that playing with other people is fun and is exploring the world with more and more confidence while keeping a watchful eye on those people that he loves and make him feel secure.

We are so thankful that we live close enough to be able to spend lots and lots of time with our little grandson and get to experience the world through his eyes.  These past nine months have gone so quickly and have been filled with so many changes for our Bradley and for us.  Thank you Bradley for keeping Grammie and G-pa entertained and for all the love and delight that you bring into our lives.  We love you more than words could ever express!

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