Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Jeff is an "Essential Worker" after all.


   Well Crap!  Jeff is an "essential worker" after all.  That means he still has to go to work and possibly be exposed to this thing.  I'm scared out of my mind right now.  This thing could kill me with my compromised immune system.  There needs to be a clause in the unemployment guidelines under Covid-19 for people to be able to get benifits if they have family members who are high risk and that live in the same household so they don't bring it home to them.  

   Please keep us in your prayers.  It't not like I can go live somewhere else or that he can either until this thing passes.


  1. That is scary. I've been doing a lot of praying lately. I know this worry about family, and the way we have no control over what happens. My daughter is an RN at a hospital that will be out of masks soon, her husband is a plumber,and if they get sick my grandson will be exposed. And then there is my son who is stationed overseas in Japan. I even worry about my husband when he makes a trip to get groceries (wearing a mask and gloves). When I start to worry, I make myself pray instead.

    I pray something will work out better with your husband's job.
    Take care.

  2. (((HUGS))) Debbie. I know you are worried and scared. Hopefully, all will be well and Jeff won't get exposed. Keeping you both in my prayers.

  3. that is indeed scary, but sending prayers for you and your family God Bless we all can get through this <3

  4. Hi, Debbie!
    Around here, things are closed also. With Spain just on the other side of the border (that is now closed) and Italy a few countries away, everybody is scared, but we trust that God will protect us and that our government, that has already closed every non-essential services, schools, daycares, transportations, universities and stores, will do the right thing.
    Vaccines are starting to be tested, but they say that they wont be ready before next Winter, so until then, we'll have to relly on the hope that they will make a drug that helps those that get infected, to get cured faster.
    I'm not telling you this to make more anxious or to get you down, but we have to be realistic. When we are afraid of facing the reality, everything is scary and bigger than it really is.
    I'll be praying for Jeff, you and your whole family and the best thing to do, is staying at home, reading, doing some kind of exercise (like gardening, for example) in your yard, watching You Tube videos and learning something you always wanted to learn and being careful.
    If you have alcohol, tell Jeff to use it and rub his hands, everytime he touches something outside the house. Open the windows (if it's not to cold, of course) and let the air go thru it, to renovate the air and if you talk to any of your neighbours, do it at a safe distance.
    In the supermarkets, we see lots of people wearing masks and gloves and some of them are puting desinfectants in the doors, so that when you enter the store, you can desinfect your hands and they give a pair of gloves to every person that enters, so that you can wear them in the sore.
    So, be safe, trust in God and this to shall pass. Keeping you and your family in our prayers, my friend!

  5. Prayers for you and your family. Please place this in God's hands for protection.

  6. He just has to come home, strip and shower. Also keep his distance and use hand sanitizer. You will be okay.

  7. My heart goes out to the two of you and the family. These are scary times. Sending hugs and keeping you in my prayers.
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  8. I hate this for y'all. I'm in the same boat. I'm a heart patient with type 2 diabetes. hubby has Type 2 diabetes and is still required to work. I work for a school so I am at home.

  9. Debbie, go immediately to gdonna.com and read this wise grandmother's post, "Stay Calm and Run." She has professional experience disinfecting in a hospital environment and has laid out a protocol for their home as her husband works outside the home. It is not complicated and doing a similar routine may reduce your chances of infection greatly. She is practical and a great source of home. Good luck! Anne from Montana

  10. Sorry, meant to say, "Great source of hope and good advice."

  11. Prayers and good wishes from New York City.


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