Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Product Review: Snapps Cream Cheese Pepper Bites

Our local Dollar Tree store recently added a frozen food section and I was excited to see these Snapps Cream Cheese Pepper Bites in the case.  I love Jalapeno Poppers so I thought I would give them a try.  Upon opening the package I found this:

8, count em, only 8 of these bites.  I have them on a small cookie sheet so do not be deceived, these are small bites.  I followed the directions for baking them, let them cool a bit and then bit into one.  To put in kindly, they were awful!  They had so much spicy "heat" to them that they burned the roof of my mouth, my tongue and my throat.  I had to drink some milk and take a spoon full of sugar to get it to stop burning so badly.  Now, I like spicy but this stuff was way up there on the heat scale for peppers!  I ended up throwing the rest away and then made sure I took them directly outside to the garbage so the dog would not get into them and suffer the way I had. 

Bottom line is this...I would never recommend these to anyone and will not be wasting my money on buying them ever again.


  1. You should share that with the company, might get your money back!

  2. Sorry it was such a disappointment, I hate it when something looks so good and then it's a bust.

  3. I'm a spice fanatic, so to me, they're delicious. They are indeed HOT ��. Not for those who prefer mild.

  4. I bought these the other day at the dollar store because I, too, love jalepeno poppers. They do SMELL really good, but yeah, they are WAY too hot/spicy (I posted on Twitter that it "feels like [my mouth] has been stung by a thousand bees") . I couldn't even get rid of the heat by guzzling milk :/


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